11.11 Prayer

Goddess of the Moon we look to you

Father of the Sky shine down bright

Cousins in the Stars guide us in the night

Fill us with Love

Fill us with Light

Golden rays of Christ shine bright

We are the shift 

Let the World be Light

Keys & Codes

Enter our Aura


We are slaves no longer

Give us the Throne we were born to sit on

Light the fire within our hearts

We are Creator

We are God

Break the bonds & limitations

We are the Wave

We are the Vibration

Break free from the Illusion

The shackles of Time

Let go of the Bondage

Embrace the Shine

The time is NOW

No need to know how

For us to find

We have arrived

We are the Light in the night

We are the Thunder & the Lighting

We are the Storm

We break the Night

Sat Nam