Spiritual Counseling Sessions 1:1

Spiritual Counseling Sessions 1:1

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Spiritual Counseling Session - 1:1

Step into your highest alignment & manifest the life you were always meant to live. Tune into your truest vibration and become sovereign in your reality.

Activate your heart chakra & connect with your true self, fully aligning with your most empowered frequency & your purpose in life supported by a higher power.

Clear any blockages in the way of your best life & heal from any dissonance that has been in your field, no blockage will remain after this session if you commit to YOU!

You will have access to breath work, meditation, reiki, & sound healing techniques as well as channeled information from source by Dylan in each session.

After your session you will be clearly aligned to your true north & embodied back into a state of mental clarity that supports your life as a spiritual being.

These sessions are intended to liberate you into a new life within a maximum of 4 sessions, however some people achieve this in one session due to their devotion.

To receive the most powerful impact from these sessions you must have an open heart and be willing to accept the unconditional love and support of a higher power.

Email healingwandz@gmail.com with any questions

Sessions are 1HR - via ZOOM or Phone - 1:1 

Sessions Are Limited - Book appointment via email after payment. 

Couple sessions are available after initial 1:1 sessions for divine union support

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