Caryn Terres
Superconscious Leadership Mentor
"Working with Dylan changed my life. He was the first person who I felt really saw me for all my magickal, weird, powerful self & wasn't afraid of me. I always felt safe & supported, I could tell him things I never told any one and  because of that he helped me unlock layers of myself that I may have never found without him. His heart centered healing is one of a kind, there is no one in the world who cares for others the way that Dylan does. I am totally transformed after the work we did together. My creativity & productivity are skyrocketing, my marriage is thriving, I adore being a mom again; and most of all i recognize myself as a true masterpiece. If you are being called to work with Dylan for any reason TAKE THE LEAP & TRUST that you are being guided to so for a reason."
Dimpel Patel
Healing Hands Reiki
"Why do I believe this work is important?? What was my goal in doing this work and what should yours be?? I started this work with the goal that I would attract my twin and live happily ever after. Little did I realize the shadow work that was involved, how deeply I would delve into myself and the healing I would find if I had the courage to face ME. It was never outside forces that wreaked havoc in my mind or in my life. It was my mindset, my belief system, and the constant nagging in my brain of stories I refused to let go of. I'll admit that after my first session, I almost wanted to quit because I thought it was too much work and I didn't know if I could handle facing my own demons. Having someone like Dylan hold space for me was exactly what I needed so I could do the work. Was it hard?? Of course it was!! I doubted everything about myself. I cried myself to sleep at night and woke up and pretended to the world that I was okay. The irony is that, everything would be okay. I had to force myself to look in the mirror and tell myself I was beautiful. I had to force myself to get up and do meditations that I didn't even want to do at first. I was afraid. I was afraid to let go of my stories and I was afraid of myself. Sometimes I did the work just to get through the motions in the hopes that that would be enough to get the results that I wanted. I went from sitting in Dylan's studio crying over an abortion I had over 20 years ago, to finally connecting with my twin. And in such a short time. Was the work worth it?? There is nothing more valuable to me than knowing not only did I find my twin, but I found my true self again. I embody what I was created for..peace. I am a being of peace and love. Not one of fear and social conditioning anymore. I'm not saying that this work will be easy and you'll find everything you think you want. What I am saying is that the work will be hard but so rewarding because you will find a peace that you've never known could exist."


Asilinn Ostergaard
Conscious Corporate Management
"I am so grateful for the time I got to spend with Dylan. He created a space where I felt comfortable being open and vulnerable so I could achieve my goals. The information and guidance he provided helped me transmute how I perceive and react to my own internal thoughts and energy, along with my perception of others. Starting the shadow work and healing was a scary thing to me. I imagined the worst of the worst. After our first session, I immediately felt supported and validated that it was the right choice and path for me. Putting in the time and intentional energy to do this work with Dylan‘s guidance was the best thing I have done for myself."


Peggy Ijams
New Earth Healing & Media
"Dylan…I find myself dropping into fear, a lot these days and when I do, you are always there to help me remember. Your breath and bodywork reminds me to live life…to claim my power…and have a strong “yes”! Your meditations and sound baths soothe my soul and help me center….help me ground. Your words help me to remember Who I Am…One with the Divine and All that Is…a warrior…here to bring Light to this dense world of form. Thank you so much for all that you do! I have so much gratitude for your work and spirit! Sat Nam!!!!!"


Sandy Ledezma 
Hempition Clothing Brand
“I am so thankful to have connected with Dylan. Every single session has been a completely different experience and each time I leave feeling more connected to my higher self. Whether it’s a one on one or group setting, Dylan will welcome you with so much love and zero judgement. You can always tell. When someone is passionate about what they do or better yet when you see someone sharing their gift with the world. I have and will continue to recommend my friends, family and literally everyone to connect with Dylan. Thank you for always spreading your good vibes with the world!”