🌟 STAR POWER 🌟 - Alicea Remainder Tuition

🌟 STAR POWER 🌟 - Alicea Remainder Tuition

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you feel this calling in your soul...

you know your purpose is greater...

and you have this inner knowing that your current life mission isn't fully aligned...

you've done deep levels of inner work & self healing...

yet time still ticks for you to find your true purpose...

you have been called to reiki, sound healing, meditation, crystals, yoga...

for self healing & exploration of your spirituality...

which has been nice but something still feels missing...

this feeling of missing is not expressed in lack...

but rather with the deep passion of knowing you have been sent here with divine purpose...

you are hungry to know more, to experience self realization & liberation...

to walk freely in this earth plane as you manifest your life consciously...

to fully embody the sat nam (true self) & create your #dreamlife

if this resonates with you on a soul level...

you now know you are ready to take the quantum leap for your ascension...

you know you are done with the shadow work & are ready to shine...

it is time to unlock your star power ✨


star power is the fully alive version of you. magnetic & aligned with your higher self, you create with ease & grace are supported by the divine in all things. walk with the blessings of your divinity as you embody your true gift, your inner starlight.


Intro Reading After Completing 1HR Intro Module

8x 1:1 star power sessions with Dylan Osiris (45m each)

M-F text support on Marco Polo App

* Soul Mission Channeling

* Soul Mission Integration & Activation

* Soul Mission Roll Out Plan & New Earth Biz Support

* Divine Union Activation w. The Golden Rose Codes

* Cosmic Chakra Blessing Ceremony

* Dragon Team Activation

* I will help you connect with your own personal archangel

* 144,000 Awakening Golden Attunement 

* Goddess Solar Plexus Awakening Ceremony

* Divine Team / Teachers / Trainers / Guides - 4D Channeled Session

* God/dess Codes Activation (High Level Spirituality Needed)

* 1HR Shadow Work Module Video Series (If Needed)

* Includes self paced certification courses for Reiki, Meditation, Sound Healing if you are called to utilize these modalities in your healing soul mission <3

* + much much more...sat nam & blessings!

 no more shadow work...only shine now 🌞


Week 1 - Finding Your True North & Higher Self 


  • Star Power Assessment
  • Blockage Removal
  • Spiritual Alignment Practices
  • Tools for Triggers
  • Self Contract for Star Power
  • Intention For This Awakening
  • Star Coding Introduction
  • Solar Plexus Activation
  • Othala Bloodline Activation

Week 2 - Awakening To Your Divine Gifts 


  • Soul Mission Discovery Week
  • Arts, Creativity, Dance Channeling
  • Astrology Assessment
  • Healing Modalities Exploration
  • Deep Inquiry Into Soul Mission
  • Higher Heart Activation

Week 3 - Sacred Manifestation Realization 


  • Meeting Your Personal Angel
  • Co-Creating With Them
  • Understanding Their Power
  • Extended Mantra Work
  • Many Faced God Awakening
  • Starting Public Speaking
  • Soul Tribe Activation
  • Throat Chakra Activation

Week 4 - Divine Feminine Awakening 


  • Manifesting Through Orgasm
  • Sacral Chakra Kriya Work
  • Moon & Star Coding
  • Creation Through Emotions
  • Inner Alchemy
  • Feminine Bloodline Healing
  • Feminine Askashic Records Channeling
  • Third Eye Awakening - Horus
  • Golden Rose Codes Ceremony

Week 5 - Divine Masculine Activation 


  • Sun Gazing Manifesting Portal
  • Divine Team & Trainers
  • Coding for Trainers
  • Masculine Bloodline Healing
  • Masculine Akashic Records
  • 144,000 Activation
  • Third Eye Awakening - Ra

Week 6 - God/dess & Cosmic Self Activation 


  • God/dess codes Activation
  • Divine Throat Chakra Awakening
  • Dragon King/Queen Integration
  • Next level for daily star habits
  • Planting The Seeds For Support
  • Dreamstate Guide Work
  • Sun & Moon Activation Kriya

Week 7 - DivineUnion Sol Mission Remembrance 


  • Creation of 1 year plan
  • Final Sadhana Check
  • Love For The World Creation
  • Bigger Picture Plan For Ascension
  • Finding Divine Union Within - serpentine meditation
  • TwinFlame Activation
  • Sacred Chakras Blessing

 Week 8 - Unlocking Your True Illumination 


  • Star Power Final Presentation - 1YR
  • Past Life Akashic Records Activation
  • Eye of Horus & Ra Union
  • Cosmic Gift Awakening
  • 36D Psychic Field Initiation
  • Intention vs Creation
  • Final Clearing for any last blocks


This program is my magnum opus of ascension offerings, a culmination of my worldwide learnings since my resurrection in 2013 during my near death coma. 

I have studied with the great sages of the Himalayas & some of the best in the UK and United States along my journey, as well as come into remembrance of an abundance of my most magical incarnations & divine gifts...

Through my deep inner work & journey to self-actualization I have mastered the embodiment of my god self & hold the codes for the divine union within...

Blessed by the Ascended Masters & channeled straight from divinity via Dylan, each Star Power Program will be fully modular & customized to your highest alignment...

I know I am a star & a divine being sent to gaia for ascension, I know my mission...

As a projector...

My gift is to shine the light to the star power within you...

This is your destiny & I am your quest master...

You will know if this is for you on a deep soul level...


Full Awareness to your STAR POWER comes with HUGE responsibility...

Your actions create impact & as such a divine being, your choices heavily impact the collective...

It is time to remember who YOU ARE & embody ur SOUL fully #StarPower

For our 8 wk journey will be held in a safe energetic container that allows for your highest growth and total soul alignment, no more holding back, this is your time to shine!! 

And so it is, sat nam!!!  


Only those seeking the highest level of alignment in their lives in totality will be able to receive the true codes of STAR POWER. This program is coded to bring you into your embodiment of your god self & master creator of your best life while on your divine soul mission utilizing your gifts to create energy & thrive during this period of consciousness ascension on Gaia. You will arrive at the end of this linear program deeply aligned to your highest self, integrating & thriving in your creation for your soul mission, rooted in divine trust with creator for your next steps on your mission with all of the tools to hold & embody your highest frequency. You will be active in the community you are destined to serve creating connections as the highest alignment allows them to flow. You will receive infinite power from solar plexus & sacral chakras to guide you in your creation while being divinely supported by your angelic team of guides and angels. The magic you will receive in this course from your own activations & dedication only words could try and describe, you know what I'm talking about, you can feel it on the deepest levels of your connection to spirit!! This is YOUR MOMENT TO SHINE...claim your place in the highest levels of ascension light working & unlock your STAR POWER!!


Yes please email healingwandz@gmail.com with your inquiries

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