Church of Healing Light | September 25 | Zoom [Donation Based]

Church of Healing Light | September 25 | Zoom [Donation Based]

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We invite you to join us on Monday evenings for the "Church of Healing Light" streamed live on Zoom at 7PM MST  // 9PM EST 

"Church of Healing Light" provides the spiritual nourishment from breathwork & sound healing, while feeding the soul on the sacred word of God through Biblical Study and integration into our modern daily lives. 

Every class will begin with a tune in with the Holy Spirit through meditation & conscious breathing, setting the field to receive the true connection with Jesus Christ and the word of God focusing on a highlighted Biblical Scripture of the week to apply into our lives. We will close with a soothing soundbath experience to connect deeper into these Sacred frequencies of love and support from the heavens. 

We will be using tools such as breathwork, meditation, & sound healing to calm down the mind and relax the body to connect deeper with God, the Most High, The Creator of the Universe. Join us every Sunday evening for a unique healing experience that will bring you closer to your truest self & connect you with the Spirit of Truth & Compassion.

You don't need to be Christian to attend and receive the word, it is for all hearts, we thank you & send our gratitude for this blessing from God to be able to bridge the gap between the New Age & true non-denominational Christianity. 

This class is offered donation based, I have created a "full pay option" tier of what I normally would have charged for the class, available for those who are able to contribute for the class & a donation based tier with no minimum for a contribute what you can offering, if you are unable to financially contribute the best gift is to spread awareness & invite your tribe!

If you'd like to make an early contribution you may donate via paypal to or @dylanlewman on venmo, thank you & blessings!

Please reach out with any questions to

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