Earth Day Meditation (55 Minutes)

Earth Day Meditation (55 Minutes)

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Tune in with your highest self & re-calibrate your inner frequency to a state of inner peace. DOWNLOAD this meditation class to shift your life right now in the moment!

This Earth Day Meditation Class was created to uplift your spirit and have you in a state of bliss by the time you finish the class, a perfect way to connect to the earth & your higher self in these trying times of the world. I have brought all of the techniques that I have learned throughout my studies in India, Asia, Europe & North America into these classes and made them 100% donation based so everyone can access this life changing technology and raise their own spirit 💚

I will guide you through the following exercises with text instructions that can be done by someone new to meditation all the way up to an expert, this is an all levels class

🌟Earth Grid Meditation

🌟Cross Legged IT Band Stretch

🌟Brain Hemisphere Balancing Breath Work

🌟Chakra Orb Meditation

🌟Ascension Breathwork Energy Clearing Exercises

🌟Breath of Fire Pranyama

🌟Vocal Toning World Prayer

🌟+ so much more

Class Length - 55 Minutes

Each exercise comes with text instructions in video on how to do posture

💫 You will receive a digital download link for the class & a streaming link immediately upon purchase, if you have any questions please email me at

💫 Anyone unable to afford the class donation please email me at you won't be turned away due to lack of funds!

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