Intro to Kundalini Yoga | Training | 03.09.24 | Salt Lake City, UT

Intro to Kundalini Yoga | Training | 03.09.24 | Salt Lake City, UT

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Healing Wands presents the "Intro To Kundalini Yoga" Training Workshop Live in Salt Lake City on Saturday March 9th, 2024 at Cafe on 1st!

Come learn about the magic of Kundalini Yoga, and leave with a new healing gift to integrate into your daily practice & share with the world!

In this very special 4 hour training workshop you will learn the basic fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga, how & why the Kundalini Yoga practice works to active your sacred energy centers. You will also receive multiple all level Kriyas to practice & an introduction to your chakra / nadi (energy point) systems. There will also be demonstrations of how to conduct 1-1 kundalini breathwork sessions for clients / classes and get invaluable knowledge in how to lead a Kriya (breathwork) sequence. 

No experience Kundalini Yoga is required to attend the workshop. This class is perfect for current healing practitioners looking to add Kundalini Yoga to their wellness practice and people on their own healing journey that are being called to the sacred practice from the Himalayan Mountains. 

Included in this Introduction Training Program is a comprehensive manual covering all course topics and several Kriya's to practice daily in your life after the training!

 This workshop will be hosted at Cafe on 1st (SLC) from 4-8pm on 3/9/24.

For those interested in the full level one training program that will be offered this spring of 2024, you will receive a course tuition credit of $222 towards the full level one training program tuition costs if you end up taking both trainings this year. 

What is Kundalini Yoga? - Kundalini is an ancient yoga practice from the Himalayas incorporating Meditation, Breathwork, & Mantra to return you to your true light within.

This workshop will be led by Dylan Michael Lewman (SLC) a master in Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Shamanic Reiki, Sound Healing & Vedic Astrology.

After learning Kundalini Breathwork & Meditation in India with his Gurus in the Himalayas, Dylan returned with the inspiration to create a unique & uplifting version of the ancient practice that any one could participate in and feel the spiritual healing effects of the modality with ease. This inspiration came from witnessing the barrier point of entry into the Kundalini practice due to the strict nature of the yogic philosophy & arduous physical aspects of the practice, Dylan decided there was something new needed for the modern yogi seeking the kundalini experience. You will leave his class feeling at peace & connected to your truest self.

It is significant & highly auspicious to be practicing Kundalini Yoga during this time on earth, as Yogi Bhajan, the founder of kundalini, declared the practice as the official yoga & medicine for the Age of Aquarius which is upon us now!

Yogi Bhajan taught us in the 1960’s that the Age of Aquarius would be the era of awareness, information and energy, an evolution of the Age of Pisces we are now leaving behind us, which is guided by machines and hierarchical principles. But it is an evolution which is hard to get through: “Each person must take responsibility for elevating and managing his or her own state of awareness” (Yogi Bhajan)

“The Age of Aquarius will soon be upon us. It will bring great upheaval, which will make human beings understand the reality of the spiritual world and the laws it abides by. But the new life born of this upheaval will exceed anything imagined in terms of beauty, splendour and harmony. All living beings scattered around the world, secretly working to fulfil the Kingdom of God, will come together to act, and the fortresses of ignorance, materialism and despotism will collapse. I tell you this, and this is how it will be: nothing can prevent the arrival of the new era, the Golden Age.” (Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhovh)

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