Journey To Heaven - 8 Week Life Alchemy Program (1:1 Online)

Journey To Heaven - 8 Week Life Alchemy Program (1:1 Online)

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Are you ready to live in heaven on earth and become the creator of your own reality??

Reclaim your sovereignty & take the throne that you were born to sit on.

Manifest all of your creations into form & step into the abundance that is your birth right.

Alchemize all that is left between you & your destiny, shift your frequency into the highest vibration!

Find divine union within & attract the cosmic love your soul has been craving for so many lifetimes..

Find the divine union within, merging the polarities & complete the process of becoming a whole person. Manifest the love of your dreams, your Cosmic Union, and bring heaven to earth with each breath you take...

In this 8 week program, I will guide you through your own self created limbo & hell, deconstructing all programs and limiting beliefs, emerging on the other side into heaven on earth, where you will live permanently in the higher heart space filled with cosmic ecstasy, bliss, and divine love. Become the STAR you born to be!!

Do the work & you will turn it all to gold, you are the alchemist of your life, claim it!

Re-write the song you are currently singing & become the vibration of pure love, attract all you ever desired!

This is the LAST spiritual coaching / counseling program you will ever NEED...

You will be embodied with a pure connection to your own divine guru after completing Journey To Heaven as you fully remember who YOU ARE on a soul level <3

What You Will Receive:

* 8 Weeks of Bespoke Mentoring 1-1 & daily text support M-F

* 8 Deep Dive Metaphysical Alchemical Coaching Sessions (45+ Mins Each) + reiki, sound, and chakra alignment healing session after coaching!

* Customized channeled spiritual homework, healing exercises, breathwork, meditation, & more after each session 

* Higher Heart Activation & New Earth Abundance Codes Installation

* Soul Mission Activation & Divine Union Within (TwinFlame Codes)

* Embodiment of your King / Queen / Divine Being codes for your true sovereign self 👸⚡️🤴 

* Exclusive Access to Healing Ceremonies, meditations & Soundbaths ✨

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