New Earth Architects -   12 Week CEO Ascension Program (1:1)

New Earth Architects - 12 Week CEO Ascension Program (1:1)

Healing Wands
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Calling all New Earth Architects!!

It is time to take your position in global leadership & alchemize to your true New Earth Potential..

we are being called to step into our true light warrior embodiment as we shift the power from the old age patriarchy into the divine feminine driven new earth...

true new earth leadership & companies value heart based management, employee creation opportunities & unity consciousness strategy for unlimited expansion into global brand awareness...

those who embody these principles will succeed as gaia shifts into her new alignment & heaven on earth is integrated fully into the grid, including divinely balancing the structures of business and commerce as we know it...

This 12 Week Program Will Include

* 4 Week Accelerated CEO Ascension Program

* Top to bottom company evaluation to New Earth Standards

* Employee alignment survey for individual & company

* Heart based leadership integration for management 

* Daily & weekly spiritual practice company lifestyle integrations

* New Earth Principle's Training Program for all staff

* 1 Year CEO Expansion Program Into New Earth Business Strategy

* Development plan of New Earth Architecture for Company 

Investment for 12 week program - $5555

To see if this is in alignment for you..

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