Selenite Wands Bulk 7/7 Summer Sale 40-60% OFF

Selenite Wands Bulk 7/7 Summer Sale 40-60% OFF

Healing Wands
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Negative energy be GONE. Place a selenite wand in the center of a room to elevate the vibration and repel negative vibes.

Find a deeper connection to your angels, guides, and universal gifts. 10/10 must have for all households, workplaces, cars, and healers!

Selenite is one of the most healing crystals provided to us by nature. Blessed by the angels, these luminous crystals have magical healing properties that will clear an aura like no other. Found throughout the US and Mexico, Selenite Wands open up the crown chakra and allows us to access our higher dimensional energy. Selenite is the ultimate cleanser & aides in purifying your aura to help with resistance against material temptations and addiction.

I picked up my first pair of selenite wands in hawaii & have been using them in my healings ever since. I love to hold my healing selenite wands during meditation as their light guides me into the higher frequencies of love and keeps me safe while astral traveling. In each order, I personally include a mantra that can be recited during yoga, meditation, or any time your higher self guides you to. This mantra is written for auspicious healing energy to enter your life. May love and light find you all <3 - Dylan Michael, Healing Wands

Wands are 6 inches long, perfect for bringing to meditation class and energy work

You can expect 6-8 wands per pound

"Healing Selenite Mantra" included with every purchase

*shipping from the US 3-5 days

*quality & safety of crystals guaranteed with our mindful packaging 

*Our wands are 100% raw Selenite sourced directly from mother Earth. Due to the natural crystal formation process, please be aware that no two wands are exactly alike. Unique variations provide each wand with its own unique, subtle characteristics :)





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