Level One Sound Healing | Self Paced Online Course

Level One Sound Healing | Self Paced Online Course

Healing Wands
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Healing Wands is proud to present 144,000 Training Level 1 - Certification for 1-1 Sound Healing & Group Sound Baths <3

Step into your Soul Mission & answer your calling, join us on this magic filled training of learning the Sacred Sounds of Healing. We will deep dive into 6 healing instruments, shadow work, meditation, inner child healing, NLP, manifestation, energy protection, how to conduct 1-1 sessions and group sound baths, as well as provide you a foundation on how to create your sound healing business and use digital marketing to thrive in the modern age.

This 3-day self paced training will be a full immersion into all aspects of sound healing & empower you with the tools to use Crystal Singing Bowls, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Tuning Forks, Shamanic Drumming, Gongs, Healing Voice, Sound Meditation, Shadow Work, and protect your aura from energy attacks.

Upon completion of the course will receive a certification in Sound Healing (Level 1) along with the 144,000 Activation Attunement ✨

The 144,000 are the prophecies souls, sent here to heal the planet through unconditional love, to inspire others through our actions, and to be the light for those who have yet to see...we break the dawn, we create the New Earth!

For more on the 144,000, watch these - Video 1 + Video 2

Train with Master Sound Healer & 144,000 Activator Dylan Michael from Healing Wands. A creator of New Earth, Master in Shamanic Healing & Shadow Work, Kundalini & USUI Reiki, and Vedic Astrology, Dylan brings a Cosmic approach to Sound Healing unlike any other, your life will be changed from this training 🙏🐲

If you are ready to alchemize your life, create your reality, and reclaim your sovereignty and abundance, now is the time!

Come ready to learn, leave empowered like the light warrior you truly are and get ready to heal the world through sound!

This course will include online work, homework, and case study sessions for certification, as well as daily spiritual practices to integrate to your highest potential.

Email us at healingwandz@gmail.com for more information  - please reach out if you are in need of a scholarship!

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