Spiritual Counseling Sessions

Spiritual Counseling Sessions

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Spiritual Counseling Session - 1:1

Step into your highest alignment & manifest the life you were always meant to live. Tune into your soul vibration and become the creator of your own reality.

Activate your heart chakra & connect with your true self, fully aligning with your your most empowered frequency for abundance in health, wealth, and happiness. 

Clear any blockages in the way of your best life & heal from any dissonance that has been in your field, no blockage will remain after this session if you commit to YOU!

Counseling sessions are available for 1:1 or for couples going through transformation during ascension and needing extra support to return to divine union.

You will have access to breath work, meditation, reiki, & sound healing techniques as well as channeled information from source by Dylan in each session.

After your session you will be clearly aligned to your true north & embodied back into a state of mental clarity that supports your life as a spiritual being.

Email healingwandz@gmail.com with any questions

Sessions are 1HR - via ZOOM or Phone - 1:1 / couples

**in person sessions are available after our initial meeting**

Sessions Are Limited - Schedule A Call Now  or Book via email after payment. 

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