The 144,000 Training | Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki + More | La Jolla, CA | 10/23-25

The 144,000 Training | Meditation, Sound Healing, Reiki + More | La Jolla, CA | 10/23-25

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The 144,000 Training is a 3 day experiential immersion training beginning the weekend of October 23rd, with additional online training modules, meditations, & 1-1 spiritual guidance for your 90 day transformation into your highest self

You will receive training certifications in Meditation (Level 1), Sound Healing (Level 1), Reiki (Level 1 & Level 2) and a master certification for the 144,000 Course along with the 144,000 Reiki Attunement <3

Calling all members of the 144, is the time!

Spirit has called me to share all of the wisdom I have learned & bring this training into this dimension to help raise up the consciousness of the planet, activating the christ consciousness within the members of the 144,000...if you think you are one, you are...

We are the chosen children of God, sent here to heal the planet through love, to inspire others through our actions, and to be the light for those who have yet to see...

The 144,000 is a Spiritual Lifestyle Training to fully activate your potential & connect you with your higher self, allowing you to become the warrior of light you are destined to be...

Each day we will bel immersing into dynamic healing topics to strengthen your spirit, vitality, and bring out the true diamond light radiance of your soul..

Manuals will be provided for each topic covered, as well as spiritual practice guides to raise your vibration, and christ consciousness integration techniques to activate you as one of the 144,000 sent to heal the planet...

You will be able to not only raise your consciousness with this wisdom, but share them with the world & be the change that you envision in your heart!

Day One: Meditation + Kundalini (October 23rd)

Day Two: Sound Healing + Mantra Yoga (October 24th)

Day Three: Reiki 1/2 (October 25th)

The course will also come with 6 online meditations & additional module training in Astrology, Archetypes, Ayurveda, Energy Work, Shadow Work, & more <3

Location: Breath Body Connection, La Jolla, CA

Times: Fri 9-6, Sat 9-6, Sun 9-6

Investment: $1,111 (Full Weekend) or $397 (Single Day Certification Class)

Deposit: $111 (Full Weekend) or $97 (Single Day)

Join us for one day & get certified in the modality of your choice or spend the whole weekend immersion with us and get certified in Meditation, Sound Healing & Reiki <3

Payment plans are available upon request <3

Email or text 801-200-2296 with any questions

May the 144,000 rise...NAMASTE!

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