The Healing Light | Monthly Membership

The Healing Light | Monthly Membership

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We are The Healing Light!

We've incarnated at this time of great change to create the new reality & bring the frequency's of Heaven to Earth...Now is the time. We are the shift.

Join "The Healing Light", an online higher consciousness community. Receive frequent exclusive meditations, breathwork sessions, live soundbaths (via zoom), astrological updates & all of the spiritual downloads being received from the cosmos from me to you <3

Monthly Membership Includes:

🌟 New Moon & Full Moon Soundbath Meditations - 2x per month!

🌟 Monthly Astrology Calendar & Transit Updates

🌟 Recorded breathwork & meditation sessions 

🌟 Chakra sound healing videos & recordings

🌟 Higher consciousness spiritual guidance videos

🌟 Ascension tools to raise your frequency

🌟 Access to private community facebook group

🌟 Early-bird sign up for Sound Healing Tour events in your city!

🌟 And all the downloads from the cosmos...from me to you <3

PRICE: $22 per month (50% off for the first 111 members)

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