TwinFlame Activation - Support 1:1 Call (15 Mins)

TwinFlame Activation - Support 1:1 Call (15 Mins)

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Twin Flame Support Counseling - 15min Twin Flame Healing Sessions Available - Donation Based

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We are moving into a quantum shift on the planet & we are being called into Divine Union to fulfill our soul mission as we ascend as a collective into the New Earth. After many lifetimes of trying to connect with your TwinFlame, through all the drama, all the chaos, and all of the is now safe for us to be in Divine Union together!

There are 72,000 pairs of TwinFlames on the planet, making up the 144,000 light-workers sent here to shift the planetary frequency into the golden age of christ consciousness.


This Activation Is For Those Who:

-Are seeking to connect with their TwinFlame or feel them near in your field

-You are ready to go on divine mission & commit to cosmic love that will shake the earth to it's core

-Have met their TwinFlame & are dealing with the chaos energy, looking for support on coming into full union.

-Are ready to commit to their TwinFlame soul mission on a whole new level

- You are stuck in the runner / chaser chaos & are looking to evolve into true Cosmic Love Union 

The Universe is calling, now is the time to get on mission & create New Earth through legendary love <3

If this is you, reach out to me for a complimentary soul inquiry call about the "TwinFlame Activation" - Dylan Michael

Past Client Review - Dimpel P. (February 2021)

Met Her TwinFlame David 3 Weeks Into The Program                                  

"Twin Flame Activation Work - Why do I believe this work is important?? What was my goal in doing this work and what should yours be?? I started this work with the goal that I would attract my twin and live happily ever after. Little did I realize the shadow work that was involved, how deeply I would delve into myself and the healing I would find if I had the courage to face ME. It was never outside forces that wreaked havoc in my mind or in my life. It was my mindset, my belief system, and the constant nagging in my brain of stories I refused to let go of. I'll admit that after my first session, I almost wanted to quit because I thought it was too much work and I didn't know if I could handle facing my own demons. Having someone like Dylan hold space for me was exactly what I needed so I could do the work. Was it hard?? Of course it was!! I doubted everything about myself. I cried myself to sleep at night and woke up and pretended to the world that I was okay. The irony is that, everything would be okay. I had to force myself to look in the mirror and tell myself I was beautiful. I had to force myself to get up and do meditations that I didn't even want to do at first. I was afraid. I was afraid to let go of my stories and I was afraid of myself. Sometimes I did the work just to get through the motions in the hopes that that would be enough to get the results that I wanted. I went from sitting in Dylan's studio crying over an abortion I had over 20 years ago, to finally connecting with my twin. And in such a short time. Was the work worth it?? There is nothing more valuable to me than knowing not only did I find my twin, but I found my true self again. I embody what I was created for..peace. I am a being of peace and love. Not one of fear and social conditioning anymore. I'm not saying that this work will be easy and you'll find everything you think you want. What I am saying is that the work will be hard but so rewarding because you will find a peace that you've never known could exist."

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